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Difference Makers

This award is presented on behalf of the Staff Senate of Valley City State University and recognizes individuals who embody the Viking spirit: high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution.

kiser aleisha

June 2023 | Aleisha Kiser

Aleisha is a Difference Maker to Enrollment Services throughout the entire school year. Our office deals with last-minute changes and additions at almost every event we host, and Aleisha is always willing to do a last-minute print (often just minutes before check-in opens) so all of our visitors have the very best experience on campus. Her willingness to help is always appreciated. Thank you!

marcia pritchert

July 2023 | Marcia Pritchert

With everything changing in the FAFSA process, new regulations and systems, and new legislative changes affecting her work, I feel Marcia is keeping up, staying positive, and is going the distance so she and Janet can provide the best service to our students and their families. To top it all off, whenever I have needed to contact her for assistance over the last couple months, even as busy as she is with overwhelming changes, she has engaged with me in an upbeat and friendly way, and assisted me with kindness and respect…she embodies the purpose of this award and continues to be a Difference Maker.”

Janna Kohler

August 2023 | Janna Kohler

We are so glad to have Janna Kohler join us at VCSU. She is a positive, energetic addition to the services and support we provide to our students. Janna is continually looking for ways to improve what services we offer and how we offer them. She is a great addition and so appreciated!

Taylor Henningsgard

September 2023 | Taylor Henningsgard

Taylor was nominated by the Athletics Department for her willingness to help. She managed volleyball camps and helped with a seamless transition to their new staff. Taylor is also running the E-Ticketing platform for the whole department, allowing game days to run more smoothly. Those who nominated said, “She is a vital member of our department, and we value everything she does for us!”

Ben Ferguson

October 2023 | Benjamin Ferguson

Ben is incredibly helpful and productive every day. From cataloging to archives, Ben is always our go-to when we need to find something or don’t know the answer to a patron’s question. He is always pleasant to work with an serves as an incredible resource for staff and students. Every library has someone who is working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure our books, magazines, government docs, and online databases are organized and maintained properly. Ben is certainly the glue that helps Allen Memorial Library thrive. Whether folks know it or not, their VCSU experience is better because of Ben’s hard work.

Stephen Langved

November 2023 | Stephen Langved

Stephen always responds to One Stop tickets with such kindness, patience, and empathy. He never makes us feel like we are ridiculous, ignorant or being annoying. He always gives thorough and clean instructions and advice. When he has had to come to my office, he ahs always been very careful with my stuff and tells me everything he is going to do before he does it. He has given me help on decisions about some equipment I should purchase (such as a webcam and microphone), and gave me several options to choose from based on price and quality reports. Stephen does a lot to keep us running smoothly, and I think his work often goes unnoticed and is taken for granted.

Stephen has also been very kind to students who go to the Help Desk for assistance, and one of my very introverted, genderqueer students this semester was very anxious about asking a new person for help, but Stephen was absolutely wonderful in his approach, tone, and understanding to help this person find a solution. This student felt so heard, validated, and seen, that they came back to tell me that Stephen helped them not only with their computer issue, but helped this student feel accepted. As the Directory for Diversity and Inclusion, THAT is something I really have to celebrate!

Ryan Boll

December 2023 | Ryan Boll

Ryan does a great job of helping others when needed and goes above and beyond. He spreads positivity on campus to employees and students. If you see a member of the campus community with a smile, you can guess they were just visiting with Ryan. He is often spotted lending a helping hand to anyone in need, visiting with students, or handing out hand-crafted VCSU items. Ryan takes pride in his work no matter how small the project. He is knowledgeable, pleasant, and always willing to help. He communicates effectively and often. Ryan’s Viking Pride is contagious. He is the definition of a Difference Maker and very deserving of this award!

Brittany Nathan

January 2024 | Brittany Nathan

Brittany is a great role model for the RA’s on campus! She doesn’t hesitate to stop and visit with a student or RA if they have a question. She is patient and kind. Brittany works hard to make sure the students have a good living environment where lifelong memories can be made. Brittany is also very helpful working with student leaders for New Student Orientation and training them in their roles. As a co-advisor for NSLS, she is instrumental in helping make sure the students complete the necessary steps to be inducted. She is willing to help with anything and is great at brainstorming. We are fortunate to have Brittany on staff at VCSU!

Wayne Kuntz
Paul Thilmony

February 2024 | Wayne Kuntz and Paul Thilmony

Wayne and Paul, the dynamic duo, went above and beyond last Christmas to make VCSU stand out in the Parade of Lights in Valley City to kick off the holiday season. From fixing the Viking ship float to riding the parade, they made VCSU look great to our community and had fun doing it. They both routinely give their best to VCSU and ooze Viking pride! Wayne and Paul support all VCSU events including athletics, Staff Senate events and more, and you can always hear them down the hall laughing, coffee cups in hand. Wayne and Paul truly show that they are team players and help wherever they can, whenever they can. Thank you!

March 2024 | Seth Auka

Seth is fairly new to VCSU, but he has made quite an impression on anyone he has worked with so far. His pleasant, courteous manner adds to the fantastic work he does for the campus. Seth is very organized and works hard to please. He completes work quickly and is always sure to leave the space cleaned up and looking better than it had previously. Seth takes initiative for other things he sees needing attention. He is conscientious, self-motivated, and even keeps a list of things that he can do to fill time between other projects. Seth takes pride in his work, and we are proud to recognize him for the difference he makes at VCSU every day!

April 2024 | Erin Edinger

The Facilities Services team nominated Erin, saying “We appreciate how Erin fosters the partnership between Facilities and Housing. Erin has great communication, which is critical in ensuring that the students are being taken care of, as well as maintaining the residence halls. Her customer service skills to campus and visitors sets a high bar. She makes our job easy when it comes to the residence halls!” A very deserving “Difference Maker.” Thank you for all you do for VCSU, Erin!