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Executive Team

President: Madison Yoder
Vice President: Saige Forseth
Secretary: Joelle Lamontagne
Treasurer: Taylene Mendiola
Public Relations Manager: Garret Fettig
NDSA Head Delegate: Kiara Radke



Viking Pilot Award

Viking Pilots are those who conduct or set the course of student life on campus. The Viking Pilot Award was founded in 1931 by the staff of the Blizzard, then the name of the college yearbook. At that time, the subscribers to the yearbook elected the ten most prominent students on campus. The purpose of the award was to honor those individuals that were engaged in a multitude of campus activities and were acclaimed for their participation in the social and extracurricular life of the college. At that time, the recipients were known as “Propellers.”

In 1936, the students expressed a desire for a more meaningful name, and the name “Viking Pilot” emerged as more representative of the leadership function.

Today, the Viking Pilot Award remains a prestigious student honor, recognizing those campus leaders who have made substantial contributions to the quality of life on campus.

Viking Pilots are elected each year by a committee of students, faculty, and administrators.

2022 Viking Pilot Award Winners

  • Charismha Tsosie
  • Allie Critchley
  • Garret Fettig
  • Hayley Shanks
  • Keaton Kvilvang
  • Mitchell Silkman
  • Shelby Dietz
  • Gina Burtness

Senator of the Semester

The Fall 2022 Senator of the Semester is Dahlia Diegel! Dahlia is the Fine Arts Rep for Student Senate. Dahlia has shown a willingness to step up and have a major voice on our VCSU Senate, and at the state level. Dahlia has also been appointed as the Director for Diversity and Inclusion for the North Dakota Student Association. Congrats on the great semester Dahlia!

Teacher of the Year

The 2021-2022  Teacher of the Year is Professor Dave Hanson! In his nomination, students described him as a faculty member who stays updated on his students both inside and outside of the classroom. His openness to feedback and genuine willingness to adapt his educational approach has not gone unnoticed and is greatly appreciated!

Student Advocate of the Year

The 2021-2022 Student Advocate of the Year is Dr. Margaret Dahlberg! In her nomination, students described her as an administrator who can consistently be counted on to bring student-oriented focus to the forefront of every decision. Her careful and meticulous cultivation of ideal academic experiences for students is unmatched.