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The Retention Office is a results oriented department that facilitates intentional student centered support to enhance persistence and completion rates. As a central point of contact for VCSU’s retention efforts and overall student success, the office makes proactive contact with students, connecting them to the right resources to help them succeed as well collaborating with departments across the university to develop and support initiatives that enhance student support and successful completion.

What we do!

Welcome to our Student Success Site!! At VCSU, we are a student centered campus committed to helping students access and utilize all the available channels and resources to enhance their experience. The overall goal of our retention efforts is to remove potential barriers or impediments to student success. We want to ensure that each student who walks through the doors of the university have the tools and support he or she needs.

Starfish Retention Solutions

Starfish Retention Solutions is an easy and convenient way to facilitate communication among students and faculty and staff. With Starfish, students can easily make appointments, contact professors, academic advisors and access available campus services and resources.