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Recognition at VCSU

Valley City State University strives to emphasize behaviors and actions of our employees who support the mission, vision, and strategy of the University. The value of this recognition is demonstrated in University performance and excellence.

Formal Recognition

Recognition at Valley City State University is formally approached from many different perspectives: peer-to-peer, student-to-employee, and management-to-employee. Valley City State University intentionally recognizes and fiscally supports formal recognition by the following approaches:


A subcommittee of Staff Senate updated the former Difference is Me award to the Difference Maker Award. Each month, an office group is asked by the subcommittee to nominate someone they feel is a “Difference Maker” for them. The nominee receives a gift as a token of appreciation.

Sponsored and presented by Staff Senate

2020 Difference Maker Award Winners

  • January: Sheri Okland
  • February: Meghan McCulloch
  • March: Dina Splettstoesser
  • April: Diane Olson
  • May: Tony Wendel; Kim Hesch & Erik Kringlie
  • June: Jody Henjum
  • July: Will Blunck
  • August: Jacob Frey
  • September: Betty Tykwinski
  • October: Kay Johnson
  • November: Kari Stricklin
  • December: Shannon Jolley

This quarterly award provides opportunity for employees and students to recognize staff members by nominating them to receive a monetary award and campus-wide recognition by the President and Cabinet. The nomination and award recognize ongoing and continued actions or behaviors furthering the vision and mission of the University.

Sponsored and presented by the Presidential Cabinet

This recognition honors any individual or group that supports, sponsors, and promotes the actions, beliefs, and success of the VCSU student body.

Presented by Student Senate

This award allows every supervisor of student employees an opportunity to nominate, once a month, a student employee who does superior work and is valuable to their work efforts. From the 9 monthly recipients of this award, a Student Employee of the Year is chosen.

Sponsored and presented by the office of Career Services

The award is given annually to a professor who shows dedication to the students of VCSU through innovative teaching methods and continued professional development both inside and outside of the classroom.

Presented by Student Senate

This recognition honors employees for their dedication in service to fulfilling the University’s mission and vision.

Presented by Staff Senate